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Getränke Handelshaus

Getränke Handelshaus, part of the VOG AG Group, is based in Linz. VOG AG has been involved in the sale of drinks since the 1950s.

Getränke Handelshaus was eventually founded in 1977 with a view to pooling all activities in the drinks segment.

Today Getränke Handelshaus specialises in distribution to the domestic food retail and restaurant sectors; from wine to Prosecco, we offer a choice range of alcoholic drinks.

Exclusive contract

An exclusive contract is in place for the sale of wines produced by Weinkellerei Lenz Moser in Austria, which was acquired by the VOG Group in 1986.

Another core field of expertise is drinks import, i.e. bringing products from other European countries and from outside of Europe to the Austrian market.

Sales and distribution

Our products are generally available on the shelves of Austrian food retailers. Your enquiry goes straight to our head office.

Restaurant clients are supported by our field staff and long-standing partners from the specialist beverage industry.

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